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T8 Full - network type six - wire contac
Touch the net alarm and prevent the bypass large screen display six - wire system with the net mouth
F7 series vibration fiber
Multi point recognition
· Positioning + 2 m
· Fixed point capture
· High reliability
· One key check
· Intelligent algorithm
· Long range detection
五分时时彩核心优势Product core advantages

多点识别Multipoint recognition
At the same time, it identifies 8000 points of intrusion behavior, and each point does not affect each other.
定位±2米Positioning ± 2 meters
The location accuracy of the intrusion point is ± 2 meters.
定点抓拍Fixed-point snapshot
With the camera, the positioning accuracy is high, and the intruders can be captured at night.
高可靠性high reliability
Two channel optical fiber main engine is used to form a ring network. After the optical fiber cable is cut, the system can still work normally.
一键排查One key check
The system software can automatically identify the length of the sensing fiber cable by one key. It is convenient to inquire the breaking point, easy to install and maintain, and does not need professional OTDR tools.
智能算法Intelligent algorithm
The system adopts powerful intelligent behavior detection algorithm and spatial filtering algorithm, which can eliminate all kinds of interference and vibration in the environment, effectively reduce false alarm and improve the accuracy of alarm.
长距离探测Long range detection
The detection distance can reach 40km

Technical specification
Sensing optical fiber cable
Number of channels
2 channel
Output power per channel
Location accuracy of intrusion events
Maximum accuracy:±2米
Alarm event
Acceleration induction accuracy
Number of supporting areas
Maximum support 8000 area
working temperature
Indoor part:0℃-40℃  outdoor part:-40℃-80℃
Working humidity
<95%RH no condensation.
Power interface
System power consumption

product details

Real-time waveform display: it can display the vibration waveform of sensing cable in real time, and the waveform of alarm can be saved conveniently for later maintenance.
Integrated management: supporting platform management and realizing the unified management of multiple sets of equipment on the platform.

Privilege management: support administrators, debuggers, users and other user types, different users set different privileges

Passive design: the optical fiber is used as the detection and sensing unit without laying the power cord. 
Outdoor equipment is passive design, anti lightning, anti electromagnetic interference, corrosion resistance.

Timing control: support for timing cloth withdrawal.

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